Webinar The digital workflow with exocad

Now available on YouTube: The digital workflow with exocad - Introduction to the creation of functional restorations

The zebris JMA Optic jaw registration system allows the creation of optimally functioning dentures. The webinar includes the contact-free recording of the jaw movement with the JMA Optic and the 1:1 conversion into a safe prosthetic. Without the classic facebow, the positions and settings in relationship to the skull, as well as the actual movement data, are transferred from the zebris software with one click and processed further with exocad.
Fabian Voelker, Dental Technician at Zahntechnik Heidlindemann GmbH is sharing his presentation to the topic. He is assisted by Bernhard Egger, M.Sc. in Dental Technology, Natural Esthetics, as co-speaker. 
Altogether, the webinar is about 60 minutes.

Webinar on YouTube: https://youtu.be/6Yse406aQQ8