The plantar pressure distribution measurement systems FDM / PDM

For years, zebris systems have been supporting doctors and therapists successfully in the diagnosis of postural deformities as well as podiatrists in providing insoles. The tried and tested zebris pressure distribution measurement platforms capture the static and dynamic pressure distribution when standing and walking quickly and easily.

Your benefits of the systems at a glance:

Suitable for the stance, roll-off and gait analysis

  • Robust pressure distribution measurement technology
  • Capacitive, individually calibrated sensors
  • Different sizes: PDM-XC, PDM-C, FDM-SX, S or FDM 1.5, 2 and 3
  • Different solutions and measuring speed, depending from the number of sensors
  • Intuitive modular software suite FDM with sound evaluation report
  • Can optionally be combined with video and EMG
  • Optionally available module for stance analysis
  • Can be combined with zebris SyncCam for synchronous video recording

The modular FDM system offers countless configuration possibilities when it comes to size, resolution and measuring speed. For a longer gait track and thus several gait cycles, two platforms can be combined, so that a maximum gait track of 6 meters is possible. Through the low profile walking surface of only 2.5 cm also patients using walking aids can enter the platform easily.


For stance, roll-off and balance analysis the force-measuring plates can be synchronized with a camera.  
An infrared synchronization for myography and a synchronization for in/out are optionally available. 


Rehawalk® - learning to walk again!

Das plattformbasierte zebris FDM Rehawalk® System ist für die Analyse und Behandlung von Gangstörungen in der neurologischen, orthopädischen und geriatrischen Rehabilitation konzipiert. Die FDM Rehawalk® Messplattformen bieten die Möglichkeit, Ganganalyse und Gangtraining auf einer Gehstrecke durchzuführen. Dies kommt zum Einsatz, wenn eine Laufband-Therapie nicht erwünscht bzw. gar nicht möglich ist. 


The measurement procedure may be observed in the viewer and if necessary be played back in slow motion. Individual time segments can be selected from the report for further analysis.

The configurable evaluation report displays among the force distribution, the gait and roll-off parameters including the step length and step width, the stance and swing phase and many more.

Up to two measurements can be compared for optimal measuring control. 
All measuring parameters and measured curves can be exported in CSV-files for further scientific evaluation.

Download FDM, PDM und FDM Rehawalk® - Brochures