balori® systematic e-coordination training

When it comes to human movement, coordination is paramount. Because it provides that our muscles are used well-aimed and situation-related. Strengthening coordination does not only support us in daily life, but also in sports. In doing so, the individual coordination ability is completely independent of age. An efficient training of basic coordination thus is as important for young people as it is for the elderly. The balori® e-coordination training is made for everyone – thanks to large number of exercises that vary in their degree of difficulty: from young athletes to active best agers.


Improve your coordination with functional balance and coordination training

Whether fitness or wellness studios, rehabilitation facilities or physiotherapy practices: The new balori® e-coordination training feels at home where ever motion sequences and muscles are trained and health prevention comes first. The innovative concept is based on the balori® method - a holistic balance and coordination training by Martin Frondorf - which is combined with a zebris pressure distribution platform, a camera to capture motion sequences and a virtual training reality with avatar. The system makes the presence of a trainer unnecessary thus allowing for training sequences that are completely flexible and independent of specially trained staff.

Your benefits of balori® e-coordination training at a glance

  • Functional coordination training for improved reaction time and efficient coping with everyday life
  • Balance training for fall prevention and improving environment adaptability
  • Orientation training for good timing and safe moving
  • Strength training for a healthy back and stable joints
  • Intuitive software with objective training parameters and easy, virtual 3D instruction through avatar
  • Can be used by everyone after an individually introduction

From easy exercises up to complex motion sequences – each set of exercises of the modules health, fitness and sports are individually customized to the user. The virtual 3D instruction with avatar provides a dead easy coordination and balance training from head to toe! It instructs automatically and gives feedback to each exercise. 


After an individually introduction everyone – from early adopters over best agers up to high performance athletes – can use the balori® e-coordination training station. Depending on the training success, the exercises’ degree of difficulty is increased and can be adapted to the individual performance level. The user takes control over his or her training and has the possibility to check the recorded training units together with his trainer.


Large screen with stand

  • High-performance PC
  • Camera for tracking movements
  • zebris pressure platform in two sizes:
  • 115 x 60 x 2 cm cm (L x W x H)
  • 122 x 90 x 2 cm cm (L x W x H)

Download zebris-balori-e-coordination - Brochure