BALANCECOACH iQ - Intelligent Training System with Virtual Coach

The BIOSWING BALANCECOACH iQ is a software-controlled, intelligent training system with integrated virtual trainer. It is based on the sensorimotor training device Posturomed® with an unstable oscillating surface.

The balance ability of the person exercising on the Posturomed® is monitored by a special pressure sensor system on the training plate and displayed graphically in real time. By means of a camera, the exerciser sees himself on the screen placed in front of him as an avatar, skeleton or hologram and receives direct visual feedback on his exercise performance. In addition, the exerciser sees his virtual trainer with whom he performs the exercises. In addition, the system contains four playful units for training balance, speed of movement and coodination in a virtual environment

The BALANCECOACH iQ is the ideal coordination trainer for your health, prevention, fi tness, sports and wellness facility.

Ideal for your health, prevention, fitness, sports and wellness facility

  • Improve coordination at any age
  • Stabilization of joints and spine
  • Valuable basic training for the entire movement system
  • Support for individual performance levels at work, in sports and during leisure time
  • Injury and fall prevention

The virtual trainer guides the exercise. The performance of the exercises does not require any explanations by personnel. After a short input test and the presentation of the result, the software selects the individual exercises and starts the training.

The system is delivered complete with stand, screen 32 inch, 3D-camera, powerful embedded PC, measuring plate and Posturomed® unit.

The measurement results can be output via a QR code. Using the BALANCECOACH iQ app, the training success can be saved and documented.

The zebris® pressure distribution measuring plate is specially adapted to the Posturomed®. It is clearly divided into the central exercise area and the navigation area on the right and left.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 1,6 cm
Number of sensors: 672
Sampling rate: 100 Hz
Measuring principle: capacitive pressure measurement
Connection: USB

The Posturomed® training device has a training surface that oscillates in all horizontal directions and can be adjusted to three levels (fixed and two oscillation amplitudes). The pressure distribution measuring plate is placed on the completely preassembled Posturomed® and connected to the stand.

The only thing you have to pay attention to is the frontal alignment of the stand at a distance of 1.5 meters.

The screen only needs to be attached and connected to the almost completely assembled and equipped stand. The panels need to be fi xed - ready!

Space requirement: approx. 2.50 x 1.00 meters

Download BALANCECOACH iQ - Brochure