Matt black meets grass green

Modern architecture on the green meadows of the Allgäu

By establishing the new zebris company premises a dream came true for the two zebris founders Wolfgang Brunner and Ludwig von Zech. The black cube with its unique glass façade and the extraordinary glass vestibule embodies the eye catcher of the small town of Isny’s industrial site even from a distance.

The project development and project realization as well as project management was effected by general contractor Kuhn Bau GmbH ( from just close by in Bad Wurzach. The architectural highlights with characteristic glass façade and a vestibule made from bent glass as well as large party of the interior design was taken over by the architects Prof. Gottfried Böhm and his son Prof. Peter Böhm. 

Famous buildings of the two Böhms are the Mariendom in Neviges, the WDR arcades in Cologne, the Cologne Arena, the city library of Ulm or the college of film and television as well as the Egyptian Museum in Munich. For his architectural artwork Gottfried Böhm was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1986, the so-called “Nobel prize for architects”, which was up to now only awarded two other German architects. 

With 94 years, he took the long journey from Cologne to the Allgäu in July 2014 for the first meeting of the planning process. His son Markus Böhm took over the artistic design of the vestibule and the reception rooms. 

The new zebris company premises is now home to both administration and development with a spacious show room offering sufficient presentation surface for the latest zebris products from the business segments medical, dental and sports.  

Impressions of the Opening Party