Terms of guarantee of zebris Medical GmbH

§1 General information, scope

(1) The production of all the zebris Products is carried out with the utmost care and with the exclusive use of quality materials. The products have been developed to meet the highest demands. A prerequisite for this, however, is their correct application and maintenance, as described in the Product Manual.

(2) zebris guarantees that for a period of 12 months commencing on the date of purchase, the technical functioning of the device and its components parts used is free of defects.

(3) During the term of the guarantee zebris shall repair the device or replace the device or any of its faulty components without charging for the labor or the replacement parts.

(4) A prerequisite for asserting any claims arising from the guarantee shall be the presentation of an invoice document stating the seller and date of purchase.

§2 Exclusion from the guarantee

(1) The guarantee shall not cover:

  • Non-observance of the Instructions for Use
  • Operating errors
  • Improper use or handling
  • Force majeure, e.g. strokes of lightning, etc.
  • Transportation damage due to improper packaging of return shipments
  • Periodical controls, maintenance and repairs
  • Repairs, costs for repairs and/or damage resulting from repairs carried out by non-authorized persons.

Should Servicing become necessary, please contact us directly. Operational wear and usual wear and tear such as for batteries disposable articles.

(2) zebris shall not be held liable for any consequential damage unless caused by wrongful intent or gross negligence.

(3) zebris Medical GmbH reserves the right to remedy the defect, send a delivery free of defects, or reduce the purchase price accordingly, at its own discretion.

(4) In the case a guarantee claim being rejected, we shall not assume the costs for transport in either direction.

(5) The statutory guarantee claims shall remain unaffected thereby.

§3 Extension of the guarantee period

(1) The period of the guarantee shall not be extended or renewed as a result of remedying the fault or delivering a replacement.

(2) Should an extension of the guarantee period be requested, the guarantee may be extended upon written application, by a further 12 months at 5% of the list price.