Proven and robust pressure measurement technology

Stance and gait analysis with pressure platform and treadmill

In podiatry and physiotherapy, in neurologic, geriatric and orthopaedic rehabilitation – zebris pressure distribution measurement systems for stance, gait and roll-off analysis find application in countless medical fields. Thousands of sensors measure the pressure under the feet when walking and standing. The capacitive sensor technology and the calibration of every single sensor not only provide exact measuring results, they also make the zebris FDM pressure platforms particularly durable and robust – whether with zebris FDM as stand alone solution integrated into a platform or as zebris FDM-T treadmill system. In addition, the proven zebris technology forms the basis of the innovative gait training and therapy concept Rehawalk®. A modular range of accessories consisting of a Bluetooth compatible myography device, different stands as well as a camera and lighting system, are also at your choice. Discover the versatile world of zebris products: