Webinar recording now available!

The recording of our webinar with Prof.Dr. Thomas Jöllenbeck and Dr. Juliane Pietschmann is now available on our YouTube channel.

Gait analysis and gait training in rehabilitation -
The use of instrumented zebris treadmill systems in clinical applications  

In neurologic, geriatric and orthopaedic rehabilitation, in physiotherapy and podiatry – zebris pressure distribution measurement systems for stance, gait and roll-off analysis find application in countless medical fields. No matter in which area, or which of the treadmill systems is used: The preparation and execution of the measurement from anamnesis to report generation is explained in detail in this webinar.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jöllenbeck and Dr. Juliane Pietschmann, both working at the Klinik Lindenplatz GmbH - Institute for Biomechanics, have already conducted numerous scientific studies with approx. 700 gait analyses/year in clinical routine. We get an insight into their experiences during the 45-minute webinar.

You can find the recording at this link (YouTube):