DentalFutureConeference - Future congress for orthodontists

The DentalFutureConeference was created by orthodontists to concentrate all future-relevant topics in one event.

The content will focus on digitalisation, modern treatment concepts, practice management, artificial intelligence and 3D printing.

zebris Medical GmbH will be represented at the trade exhibition and will hold a workshop on the topic of "digital registration & transfer to the virtual articulator" with a live demonstration of the zebris jaw registration system JMA-Optic.

Why I would like to recommend this event to you:

  • In 12 lectures, you will gain fresh insights for your practice.
  • In 18 workshops, you will interactively learn proven concepts.
  • With 14 partners, you will explore concrete solutions.
  • Engage in inspiring discussions with other orthodontic practices.
  • Receive a motivational boost from digital pioneers.
  • Utilize the orthodontic community for your professional development.

Information and booking

With this promotion code from zebris Medical GmbH you will receive your tickets 200 EUR cheaper until 24.03.24: