Course June: Friday 7 June / Saturday 8 June, 2024

The zebris JMA-Optic jaw registration system in the digital workflow

Special seminar for interested parties, users and professionals

Planning of dental restorations and bite splints under functional aspects and the implementation into the digital workflow

In a face-to-face seminar Dr. Juergen Reitz - with the support of zebris Medical GmbH - teaches the fundamentals of functional theory as well as the significance and impact on the design of occlusion. The possible applications of the JMA-Optic jaw registration system in diagnosis and therapy as well as possibilities for fixing the mandibular sensor system will be demonstrated. In a practical demonstration, the measuring module for "Functional Analysis" and "Digital Occlusion” will be shown, from matching the data with intraoral scanners, to new display and evaluation possibilities of dynamic occlusion, taking facial symmetry into account. Furthermore, the transfer of the measurement data into mechanical and virtual articulators of a CAD system is demonstrated. Furthermore the planning of therapeutic bite splints for stomatognathic rehabilitation is shown. 

The speaker, Dr Juergen Reitz, has been active for many years as a speaker at numerous congresses and as a course leader at continuing education events. Areas of Work: Diagnosis and therapy of craniomandibular dysfunctions, manual function and structural analysis, instrumental functional analysis, electromyography, imaging tech-niques, computer-assisted applications in CMD diagnostics

    • Presentatioen of the zebris JMA-Optic jaw registration system
    • How important is occlusion for humans?
    • Preparation for measurements
    • Fastening the para-occlusal attachment
    • The software modul "Articulator"
    • Practical demonstration of the software module "Function and Digital Occlusion"
    • Defining a Jaw Relation
    • Interpretation ot the measurement results
    • Transfer to exocad as "Dental Project"
    • Creation of occlusal splints under physiological aspects with the zebris Splint Designer Module
    • The use of the JMA-Optic on the edentulous jaw
    • Hands-On and interpretation of results

    Date and Location

    Course June:
    Friday 7 June, 2024 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Saturday 8 June, 2024 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

    zebris Medical GmbH
    Am Galgenbühl 14
    88316 Isny / Germany


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