Ski jumper with balance and coordination on the flight to medals

Congratulations to Karl Geiger and the German team to their successes at the Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf!

Karl Geiger's medal record after the home World Championships in Oberstdorf is hard to beat! 
The silver medal in the jumping from the normal hill on 27 February is the start, followed by gold on 28.02.2021 for the mixed team also from the normal hill. On 05 March, the next precious metal is bronze from the large hill. The great successful conclusion is once again gold in the team competition from the large hill.
Congratulations from the zebris team from Isny for the outstanding performances!

Silver medal jump | Sportschau on YouTube

Team gold medal | Sportschau on YouTube

The ski flying world champion from 2020 visited our company building last summer for balori® Testing & Training. Balance and coordination practice was the name of the game for DSV ski jumpers Karl Geiger, Tim Fuchs and Adrian Sell under the guidance of Martin Frondorf. Martin Frondorf was supported by Peter Rohwein, DSV B national ski jumping coach and Dennis Sommer (former ski jumper), zebris Medical GmbH.

We wish the German team continued success and the right balance!

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