EMG Bluetooth measuring system

Electromyography allows for identifying dysfunctional muscle activity and thus a targeted treatment in clinics and rehabilitation. The zebris EMG measuring system registers muscle action potentials using bipolar skin surface electrodes and records up to eight muscle groups at the same time.


Your benefits of the zebris EMG at a glance:

  • Easy use with bipolar skin surface electrodes
  • Perfect and time-synchronous integration in zebris FDM software suite for movement and gait analysis
  • Compact measuring device to comfortably wear it on the body
  • Cable-free data transfer via Bluetooth interface
  • Optimally complements movement and gait analysis systems in order to capture muscle activity
  • Synchronous capturing of up to eight muscle groups

Display in the evaluation report

The measurement results are displayed within the FDM software suite as a normalized, averaged measurement curve synchronized with the force and pressure measurement curves.


Download EMG - Brochure