The zebris SYNCLightCam, SyncCam and SYNCLight put the measuring procedure into perspective: They comprise powerful LEDs and high-performing cameras in one set-up. The image data that is generated during the analysis can be synchronized with single-frame precision. The integrated power LEDs can be are infinitely adjustable in light intensity. For different perspectives and even more light intensity, you can also synchronize our cameras and lighting systems. The SYNCLightCam combines camera and lighting system in one compact unit. 

SYNCCam and SYNCLight: the modular camera and lighting system

Thanks to SYNCLight and SYNCCam our camera and lighting system is also available separately and thus can be customized to your individual requirements. Both devices can also be synchronized with each other and with the generated pressure data of a gait analysis of treadmill and pressure platform.


Two systems, one software

Camera and lighting system are available as separate software extension of the zebris FDM analysis software suite. A short light impulse provides that the image data of the cameras are allocated time-synchronously to the data of the pressure distribution matrix.

Download SyncCam - Brochure