For manufacturing individual prosthesis and occlusal splints, the zebris jaw registration system JMAnalyser+ records all degrees of the lower jaw’s mobility contact-free according to the method of measuring the travel time of ultrasound impulses. The measuring range comprises all necessary parameters for the adjustment of mechanical and virtual articulators. Thus, it seamlessly integrates in the workflow of digital dental practices and laboratories. In addition, the zebris JMAnalyser+ optionally allows for functional analytical examinations as well as the determination of a neuromuscular jaw relation.

Your benefits of the JMAnalyser+ at a glance:

  • Movement registration of the lower jaw function
  • Functional and occlusal analysis
  • Determination of the adjustment parameters of mechanical articulators
  • Programming of virtual articulators
  • Determination of a neuromuscular jaw relation
  • The electronic position analysis (EPA)
  • Interfaces to CAD/CAM and CBCT systems
  • Optionally available with integrated EMG for the determination of muscular action

The JMAnalyser+ system is prepared for the export of individual movement data to manufacture functional prosthesis and forms an important interface in the digital workflow. The patented zebris coupling bite fork provides that the real movement patterns of the jaw can be transferred to the digital workflow. The data that is generated during a measurement using the JMAnalyser+ can be subsequently exported into a CAD/CAM system.

The patented bite fork connects the real movement data with the tooth surfaces of extraoral or intraoral scanner-systems. The movement data that has been determined by the JMAnalyser+ can be exported to CAD systems via XML-files.

The intuitive evaluation software zebris WINJAW+ convinces through an easily structured, modular and thus user-friendly surface. It can comfortably be operated using the wireless foot switch or your PC keyboard. Every movement is recorded in real time on the screen and can be repeated any time. The basis of this software forms the integrated database and further measuring modules. Thus, the single modules can be configured individually according to your requirements.

  • Basic measuring module: Calculating the setting values of fully adjustable articulators

Optional measuring modules:

  • 3D analysis of movement and function
  • Determining a neuromuscular lower jaw position
  • Electronic position analysis (EPA) of condyles




  • Basic unit with power supply 
  • Face bow with receiver modules 
  • Lower jaw/pointer sensor 
  • Footswitch (cordless) 
  • Attachment 
  • zebris Dental Software WINJAW+ with basic module "articulator" 
  • User manual 
  • Transport case 

Can be supplied as an option: 

  • Software extension modules 
  • 4 channel EMG module 
  • System carrier

Operation occurs via a commercially available PC with Windows 7/10, 32/64 bit.

The JMAnalyser+ system is additionally available with optional, integrated EMG module. It allows for the easy analysis of muscle action potentials using bipolar skin surface electrodes. The system enables functional tests of the muscle groups anterior temporalis and masseter. Conduction occurs on both sides via electrode cables with integrated measuring amplifiers. The EMG activity can be detected precisely and reliably without any cable artefacts.

The EMG module extends the JMAnalyser + by four analog channels, four EMG amplifier cables and the software extension to the FDM software suite.

Download JMA+ ANALYSER - Brochure