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zebris Gait Analysis and Gait Training for Rehabilitation

Rehawalk® - A new concept for treating gait disorders

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Gait training using dynamic, visual stimulation

The zebris Rehawalk®System is suitable for the treadmill-supported analysis and treatment of gait disorders for neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation.

At the beginning or the entire gait training the patient positions his feet as accurately as possible within the projected surface areas. This is possible when walking freely and also when using body-weight support. The projection shows the actual shape of the footprint, or in another presentation, a rectangle or oval shape with the footprint in.

Product information Rehawalk® (PDF 1.3 MB)
zebris Rehawalk® System

Gait and coordination training using virtual feedback

The patient moves in a virtual walking environment and whilst observing his own footprints, performs tasks that require a continual variation of his gait and balancing. Because the gait patterns are constantly varied different groups of muscles are activated. Furthermore, coordination and cognitive skills are in demand.

Rehawalk® - virtual training

h/p/cosmos robowalk® expander

The h/p/cosmos robowalk® expander system supports the movements of the patient by means of elastic cables. The expander support is adjustable from the angle of the traction force and the traction side.

The system is ideally suited for patients with restricted mobility during orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation.

Rehawalk® with robowalk® expander

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