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FDM-T system for stance and gait analysis

The basic system FDM-T consists of a treadmill ergometer with an integrated, calibrated measuring sensor. The sensor element itself consists of numerous high-quality capacitive force sensors. On a treading area of 150 x 50 cm the sensor unit comprises more than 5000 pressure / force sensors.
Using a technology especially developed by zebris the movement of the treadmill is compensated so that completely stable gait and roll-off patterns can be analyzed.
Different types of treadmill ergonometers are available for the basic system.

The display of all measuring results is effected in real-time utilizing commercially available PC's. A feedback control of the force on the extremities is also possible. The software additionally provides a "signal viewer" which displays all measuring variables in slow motion and completely synchronized.

In the standard arrangement all FDM-T systems are equipped with a video-synchronization output for time-synchronization with the video-camera. The optional camera module contains a high-quality video camera with stand, a wide angle lens as well as all cables necessary for operation and synchronization and the software extension.

The time synchronization using the optionally available cordless radio adapter DAB is effected via an infrared interface. The radio adapter is connected to the PC via an Bluetooth interface and can be linked with up to eight EMG amplifiers or inertial sensors which enable the system to perform kinematic motion analysis whereby a skeleton model is animated.

Different types of treadmill ergonometers are available:

Product Information FDM-T (PDF 239 KB)

FDM-T demo video (WMV 5,2 MB)
FDM-T demo video (WMV 10,3 MB)


Gait Analysis with Treadmill System FDM-T



Fast, reliable gait analysis using the FDM measuring system for force distribution

The basic measuring system comprises an FDM 1.5 or FDM 2 measuring plate for force distribution and the software package, WinFDM. The system is controlled by a PC with a USB interface and the operating system, Windows XP or Windows Vista. By combining two platforms of the same type, the gait length can be doubled.

The measurement and the evaluation are processed on the computer using the WinFDM program. For this procedure, the measuring data of the floor reaction forces, the video camera and, if applicable, the EMG and angle data are evaluated synchronously. The measuring sequence can be repeated in a "Viewer" and, if necessary, shown in slow motion.

Individual time segments can be selected in the report for further analysis. After defining the left and right floor contacts, the automatic analysis of the measuring cycles is produced in the results report. All the screen contents can be printed out as an instantaneous recording.

The measuring results are presented in an easily readable layout in the result report and printed out in color using a commercially available printer. Up to three measurements can be compared directly with each other as a procedural control.
All the pages in the report can be configured freely as regards the arrangement, size and position of the evaluation windows.

Product information FDM (PDF 441 KB)

Gait Analysis System FDM Platform

Gait Analysis with 2 FDM Platforms
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