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Localization and Repositioning of EEG electrodes /
3D Digitization of the Shape of the Cranium

When using computer assisted analytical methods for the evaluation of EEG data, the accuracy of the positional measurement of the EEG electrodes on the patient’s head has a direct influence on the usefulness of the results. ELPOS was developed in order to replace the previous complicated and mostly inaccurate methods for determining EEG electrode positions with a simple and highly precise procedure.

There are three main applications for ELPOS:
  • Determining the 3D coordinates of electrodes already applied to the patient’s head
  • Positioning the electrodes after specification of the exact coordinates of the measuring point
  • Sensing the cranial shape of the patient in 3D coordinates for correlation with data from imaging methods

A handy pointer is used to determine the electrode positions and for sensing the cranial shape.

Electrode positions already ascertained can be used as a template for later examinations. By this means, the electrodes can again be applied to exactly the same positions in only a short time. The target coordinates for repositioning can also be taken from a freely definable template file which can be created with an editor.

Fixation of the patient’s head during the measurement is not necessary with ELPOS. The operation of the software is learned very easily and quickly.

ELPOS improves the results of your EEG measurements and you obtain by simple means important data for accurate analysis of your examinations.    

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